I know how you feel when you’re struggling to market your business. You’re googling the solutions. Taking free classes and downloading the marketing gurus’ free guides. 

Everything seems too pushy, too salesy and you just want to share what you do, with love to those who need what you do. 

You begin to wonder if maybe you need just one more course. You probably have one, two or even several online courses on the back burner. You worry that you’re just lazy. Wondering why you can’t seem to get going when you were so excited to pass your course. 

You and I both know you aren’t lazy, you’re a magical, beautiful soul with a wonderful gift. You leave people feeling uplifted and renewed just from being in your presence and you deserve to be paid well and feel secure for it. 

BUT Did you know that successful marketing is only about 20% of HOW you do it. 80% is all about MINDSET. If you don’t have the right mindset, you’re marketing will NOT be successful. 

Work on your mindset first, I guarantee it will make a massive difference!

No more struggling to market your business if you work on your mindset first!

I work on mine with EFT tapping and I LOVE Brad Yates on You Tube.

Here’s one on being a client magnet. One of my faves!


Have a go!

Love Jan xxx ❤️🙏❤️ 

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