Before you get to a point of attracting your soul clients, you need to really understand who they are.

What are Soul Clients?

They are the clients that really get you, the ones that are going through similar circumstances to what you did a while back. They are the clients that really need your help, the ones that you love to work with or would love to work with.

So how do you attract them?

Well it’s simple really. If you have a client at the moment who you love to work with, who really sees value in what you do and how you help them then that is the person you reach out to.

But What If you Don’t Have a Soul Client Already?

Then think of you a few months back, a few years back even. What did you struggle with? What did you need help with? What is your story? What were your pain points?

Once you remember what you needed help with then that is what you talk about.

No one is interested in how many qualifications you have or that you’re offering Reiki or crystal therapy or how you do your healing. They are interested in how you can solve their problems.

State to them what they are feeling right now because you DO know how they feel, you DO know how fed up they are. You DO know how frustrating it is. You’ve been there but what you found was that …….. (you fill in the blank) really made a difference and you came out the other side.

When you talk to people in a language that they understand and give them all the benefits of what you have to offer, the price is irrelevant, your qualifications are irrelevant. They can see from your energy and passion how much this therapy or whatever it is has turned your life around and they want that too.

Speak from your heart and you won’t go wrong.

Do a Case Study

If you have a soul client you have helped who has benefited greatly from your services, do a case study on them. Ask their permission first of course but really talk about how they felt before they came to you and how they feel now. Ask them some questions and pop it in a BLOG or a newsletter.

Your soul clients are out there waiting for someone to help them. 

Dig deep into your memory banks and don’t be afraid to share your story of how you overcame all the challenges in your life.

Shine your light and your soul clients will come.

I have a meditation for attracting your soul clients. Just click on the link below and sign up for it.

Click here for the Free Soul Client Meditation

Lots of Love & Blessings





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