Many people wonder why grounding is important or even what it is. Energy work can be very draining for Light-workers, therefore, before you start to work or at the start of each day, it is very important to make sure you are grounded.

How to Ground

To ground ourselves we can walk outside, hug a tree, sit outside with a cuppa, have something to eat and drink a glass of water. However, in our busy lives, we do not always have time to do this. There are a number of other ways to ground that are really easy to do wherever you are. I have listed some of them below:

  • Sit comfortably in a chair with your feet firmly on the floor and take three deep breaths, releasing any tension as you breathe out. Then, put your favourite chosen grounding method in place
    • Visualise the following:
      • Roots growing out of your feet
      • A large bubble surrounding your body (this can also be good for protection)
      • Imagine yourself somewhere nice outdoors (your favourite place)
  • Tapping In
    • This is the easiest way to ground and it is so effective. It brings into balance all of the major energy centres and is one of the simplest and most effective techniques for ensuring that a stable, centred energy is kept in place.
    • Lightly tap with fingertips on the area of the upper chest where the collarbone (clavicle) meets the breast bone (sternum)
      • This is found near the thymus gland, which maintains the energy of the subtle body
    • Place your other hand over the naval whilst you are tapping the thymus
    • Alternatively, tap in an anti-clockwise circle in the same area about 20 times

Never forget to centre and ground yourself before doing any energy work


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