The founder of reiki was Mikao Usui, who founded it in 1922. However, many people believe that healing of this form dates back further than that. Christians, for example, believe that Jesus was a healer and some spiritualists believe that Jesus tapped into the universal life force just the same as any reiki practitioner would.

Everyone knows something about energy. Whether it be that we eat food to produce energy for our bodies, flicking a switch to turn on a light or replacing batteries to make that TV remote work. But how many of us know how it works? We all take it for granted and just expect it to be there. 

Everything is Energy

Every living thing needs energy. Humans, plant life, bacteria, every single living cell would cease to survive without it.

Our main source of energy is from the sun or the universe which converts into other forms of energy. We call this universal life force energy.

 Albert Einstein said “Energy can not be created or destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another” and this is what reiki practitioners do. In a way you could say that reiki calls on the life force energy to recharge your batteries and help the energy to flow better in your body to promote self-healing.

If we think of our bodies, they are made up of energy and there are different energy points on the body. With reiki, the reiki practitioner taps into the universal life force of energy that (just like electricity) we cannot see.

With hands on reiki and distance reiki, he or she asks for the energy to be transmitted to the recipient’s energy points (called chakras) on their body in order to release any energy blocks and healing any parts of the body that may not be flowing properly. The reiki practitioner will be intuitively guided to any parts of the body that need the energy the most.

So How Does Distance Reiki work?

If we think of energy travelling down phone lines, radio signals or Wi-Fi, we don’t see this energy and we trust that it works and that it can travel long distances. The same thing happens with distance reiki. The practitioner tunes into the other person’s energy, pretty much the same as a psychic or medium does when they do a reading for anyone.

They then send the energy to each chakra in turn, again being guided to where the healing energy is needed the most. It works just as if the person was right in front of you and you were laying your hands on them. In fact, it very often works better as the person is more relaxed in their own home.

What can Reiki do?

Reiki can help with absolutely anything. The reiki energy promotes self-healing in the body and continues to work for quite a while after the reiki session. It can help with physical ailments, anxiety, depression, sleep, even cancer as it works at a deep cellular level.

Reiki can also help you to attract better things in your life such as more money, a nice place to live, a better job, attract a soulmate relationship. Anything you want to improve in your life can be worked on with reiki. A practitioner always asks for it to be for your highest good so, sometimes, you may get changes you hadn’t envisaged, however, it will always be for your best as it is for your highest good.

Often in life, we stay stuck to the familiar for fear of moving forward; reiki helps us transform from this big time if we persevere. Also, reiki will work where it is needed the most at the time and with divine timing, which often means it may not give us the results we require in the areas we require them right away.

Healing is a process and we need to let of blocks first sometimes before we can move forward. All we need to do is believe and trust that it works in the correct time and in the correct order. The reiki practitioner sets positive intentions with each healing session in order for us to work on whatever we wish. It may be some time later when some of the results are seen.

Reiki is amazing and really needs to be experienced to fully appreciate it. If you would like to try Reiki and you are a bit sceptical, I do distance Reiki sessions and In-Person Reiki sessions at the Health & Harmony Centre in Albrighton, Wolverhampton.

Once you start to see the results you will be amazed too. I was and reiki has completely changed my life!

Lots of Love and blessings

Jan xxx

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