Tribe VIP Transformation Package

Do you feel you need more help, more healing, more support?


 Are you sick of the same old, same old treadmill?


 Maybe you are fed up of feeling tired all the time, lacking energy and motivation?


 Do you long for your life to change?

Do you long for a successful abundant business or career?


 Whatever it is that you want to achieve, I can help you.


  • I will help you heal from past trauma.
  • I will help you impart confidence, energy and motivation and improve your whole wellbeing.
  • I will help you manifest anything you wish for in your life.
  • Master Reiki energy is sent to you by me every single day with powerful intentions to change your life, welcome abundance, attract your soul purpose, soulmate, job or business that you desire and help you to take the right action towards the life of your dreams

Maybe you feel you have repeating patterns and blocks in your life that just don’t seem to shift?

There is also the option to receive powerful Past Life Healing which removes karmic blocks from past lives which could be stopping you from moving forwards.

A completely transformational package to create a happier, calmer, excited, happier version of yourself. The YOU you have always longed to be.


Believe me, if you really want to make massive changes, this is for YOU!

This offer is super awesome and I know it will help you so much more on an individual and deeper level for your own needs.

It could be to remove money blocks, blocks to attracting love, feeling peaceful, calm and happy, relieving anxiety.

It could be that you are struggling to manifest something and need that extra spiritual manifesting boost.

You name it, we can work on it!

And you don’t have to do anything. Just tell me what you want to work on or manifest and I will do the rest.

This is for you:

* If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired


* You really want to change your life for the better


* You want to attract more of what your heart desires; more love, more money, a better career, a closer connection to spirit and you need my help

I am super excited about this as I know it will you on an individual basis.

My Magic Manifesting Energy package is normally £55 and a session of Past Life Healing is normally £55, making the normal price for both services £110.

I know times are hard right now and I know what it’s like when you want to work with someone and you just don’t have the money so that’s why I am offering it at a super low price to help those of you that really need something affordable to help you move forwards. 

As a special introductory offer with love from me to you, you can get this fabulous package of 3 x months of Magic Manifesting and 3 x powerful Past Life Healing Sessions for only £68 a month for 3 months, called the Platinum Package

Or, alternatively, you can have the Magic Manifesting daily Master Reiki energy package for only £44 a month. This is called the GOLD package

The choice is yours!

What Do I Get?

Platinum Package

1 x Initial Phone/Video call to discuss what you need me to work on

Your personal intentions written in my daily Magic Reiki book that I send energy to every single day for as long as you are a VIP member

1 x Past Life Healing Session each month 

This is super powerful to remove any blocks you may have from past lives that are causing repeated patterns and stopping you from moving forwards. 

It’s all completely intuitive and I pick up details from a past life at the root cause of any blocks or issue.

Gold Package

1 x Initial Email/Messenger chat to discuss what you need me to work on

Your personal intentions written in my daily Magic Reiki book that I send energy to every single day for as long as you are a VIP member

This is super powerful to help you manifest all your heart desires.

SPECIAL BONUS – Get 1 month FREE if you pay in FULL for either PACKAGE!

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