Relationship Trauma Reiki

Can you imagine how you would feel if you could….

Do you seem to be attracting the same old patterns time and time again in your relationships?

Maybe you are struggling with past relationship trauma or bereavement

Or you’re fed up of waiting to meet your soulmate

It could mean that you have something from a past life that has caused a circle of events of relationship trauma that reoccur in every life afterwards to do with your relationships.

With my combination of life experience and own healing and my Past Life Reiki Healing skills I will help remove any repeating and recurring patterns in your relationships once and for all and also set powerful intentions for you to meet your true soulmate love if you wish.

With a distant past-life healing session,  I send distant Master Reiki energy back in time over past lives to heal the blocks from the root cause, when they began, clearing them once and for all so that you can move forward.

I pick up visions from past lives and the reason why they are affecting you now. 

We arrange a time for discuss what you need help with over the phone or via video call and then a separate time for me to send your healing. Both sessions last approximately one hour.


Important Note

If you are unsure whether this type of healing would benefit you, please contact me at and I will intuitively advise you. I have a strong work ethic and would never offer healing to anyone if it was not needed for their highest good. Alternative types of healing may be offered instead. 

As this is a new service, I don’t have any specific reviews but I have done loads of past life healing over the years including for my own relationship trauma and to manifest my soulmate.

The lovely Cassandra wrote a lovely review after some of my past life healing sessions. See below.


I approached Jan as despite being a Reiki master I felt there was a deeper level of healing needed to fully move forward in my life.

We set some intentions and I fell asleep during the treatment but woke with a beautiful inner peace.

In the short time since my healing, people and opportunities have come into my life that I couldn’t have dreamt of!

I would highly recommend Jan’s past life healing, thank you Jan x

Cassandra Farren

Relationship Package 1

1 x Past Life Healing Session & 1 month in my Magic Manifesting program

Heal that repeating pattern once and for all so you can move on and create the life of your dreams.

Just click on the button below to book your place and I will do the rest.

Relationship Package 2

3 x Past Life Healing Sessions & 3 months in my Magic Manifesting program

The power of 3 is super powerful and having 3 past life healing sessions will help you to move on in your life. You will feel like a new person and as though a weight has been lifted.

SPECIAL OFFER Only £180 (Normally £264 – Save £84!)

Just click on the button below to book and I will do the rest

Relationship Package 2 (Payable in Instalments)

3 x Past Life Healing Sessions & 3 months in my Magic Manifesting program payable in Instalments

Introductory Offer – Payable in 3 x Monthly Payments of £60 (Normally £88 each)

Just click on the button below to book and I will do the rest

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