Do you wish you could have more peace, less stress, more calm in your life?

Would you love to learn how to tap into the highest universal power to be able to manifest anything you wish?

I am super excited to be announcing my next Reiki first degree course

As Reiki taps into the universal life force energy of love and life it will literally change your life!

You will learn how to set powerful intentions to send out to the Universe and how to give magical energy to yourself and your family and friends to promote calm, healing, confidence; whatever you feel you are lacking.

Reiki 1 is the most amazing, magical experience and will change your life. Once you are attuned to the energy you have it for the rest of your life; it will never leave you.

If you like the sound of this, then this course is for you!

On this 2 day course, you will learn:

  • how to work with Reiki energy
  • how to set powerful intentions to manifest the life of your dreams
  • how to give Reiki healing to your friends, family and animals.
  • how to clear your own energy and the energy in your home
  • how to ground and protect yourself 

Can you imagine how you would feel if you could….

  • Feel happier, calmer and more in balance 
  •   Clear and protect yourself from any negative energy
  • Give yourself the gift of healing for life and be able to then use that healing energy on your friends, family & pets
  • Clear the energy in your home or working environment
  • Set powerful intentions to change your life for the better

No more feeling …

  • Frustrated at not being able to move forwards in life
  • Stressed and helpless
  • Not knowing which way to turn for help

Reiki has literally changed my life and I would love to help you change yours!

The course will be on a Saturday & Sunday from 10.00 am – 4.00 pm

Current available dates are:

21st & 22nd October 2023

On completion of the course, you will receive a Reiki First Degree Certificate.

It will be held in Tudor Holistic Centre in Stafford.

Snacks, cakes, refreshments & course handouts are all included.

After completing the course, you will be able to do Reiki on yourself and your family, friends & pets.

You will receive 4 attunements to the Reiki energy and will be able to use the Reiki energy for the rest of your life.

Doing Reiki first degree was the most amazing experience of my life and it is my passion to introduce the amazing Reiki energy to as many people as possible.

Secure your place by clicking on the button below and if you have an questions, please email me at

Why my course?

I have 14 years teaching experience in further education and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education which has enabled me to gain lots of experience in teaching.

I am an Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher and a Crystal Therapist with a Diploma in Crystal Therapy.

Having done healing on myself and others I have been amazed at the super powerful and fantastic results gained from Reiki healing and how much it changes people’s lives.

In order to become a Reiki Teacher, I did a Reiki apprenticeship for 18 months and I am very proud of my Reiki lineage.

Everyone that comes to my classes feels totally at ease and absolutely loves them.

The cost for the course is £225

Secure your place with a £100 deposit and then the balance of £125 will be due one week before the course 

(Instalment plans will be considered as long as the balance is paid 1 week before the course)

Once you have paid your deposit, I will email you.

Any queries, please email me on


A small cost to change your life!

You will absolutely LOVE it!

I can’t wait to meet you if this is for you!

All and any monies paid for the course are non-refundable but are transferrable. Upon cancellation of arranged dates, all monies paid will be transferred to a later course date.

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