LIVE Online Crystal Chakra Balancing & Aura Cleansing Workshop

Do you love crystals?

Would you love to learn how to use them to clear your chakras using a super distant method and also clear any blocks in the aura?


Join me in as I demonstrate a super powerful Crystal Chakra Balancing & Aura cleansing method that can be done in-person or remotely

I will be sharing this demonstration on Wednesday, 1st March at 6.00 pm.

Only 48! A small cost to pay to become a fully qualified Crystal Chakra Balancing Therapist

 Sign up on the link below and don’t worry, if you miss me live, you will be sent a link to the replay.

This is one I don’t usually deliver live and one not to be missed!

Just think you could even use this skill to earn money doing Crystal Chakra Balancing & Aura Cleansing on others and I will show you how

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