Do you ever feel a bit dizzy or spacey when working with holistic clients? Or Maybe when just the energy is in intense.

This is usually because you are ungrounded.

Energy work can be very draining for Light-workers, therefore, before you start to work on clients or at the start of each day, it is very important to make sure you are grounded.

There are many ways to ground yourself but did you know that holding a smokey quartz in your non-dominant hand (i.e the hand you don’t write with) will ground you as this is your receiving hand.

There are other ways to ground yourself such as taking a walk outside, hugging a tree, sitting outside with cuppa and even having something to eat and drink. You can also close your eyes and visualise roots growing out of your feet deep into the earth but using a smokey quartz crystal is super easy and effective and easy to do when you’re busy or working on holistic clients.

I would love to hear your favourite way of grounding.

Check out more detailed BLOG on grounding on the link below:

Why Grounding is Important

Love Jan xxx ❤️🙏❤️


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