Crystal Therapy Session

Our lives are influenced by many different energies that we cannot necessarily see, but they have a profound effect on our state of mind and health.

In crystal healing, crystals are placed onto vital nerve centres, chakra points or meridian points on the body. 

The stones act as a catalyst to perpetuate and integrate more colours and light into the subtle energies of the human aura.

Increased energy frequencies dissolve and dissipate the dark shadows of suppressed or unreleased pain that cloud the aura, confuse the mind or disease the body.

Crystals can neutralise negative energy, thus releasing mental and physical blockages

This distance crystal healing will include crystal healing for the following:
– Auric Field
– Chakras
– Meridians
– Crystal Webs

This is intuitive healing and is extremely powerful!

Healing will be given where it is needed the most and will not only clear blocks in the chakras but also in the auric field and meridians where they can be stored and cause repetitive imbalance in the physical body together with emotional stress. 

A crystal web will then be intuitively set up for you for your healing to continue for an intuitively guided period of time. 

Ancient folklore records include instances where several cultures accredited healing with spiders webs as they were said to be extremely healing.

In crystal therapy we use healing webs made up of various crystals to bring healing to both the physical and emotional body. 

This therapy session will be an intuitively bespoke for your needs in a lovely relaxing therapy room at Whitehouse Farm in Featherstone. Just click on BOOK AN APPOINTMENT below.

Alternatively, you can book a remote/distant Crystal Therapy session at the bottom of the page.


Important Note

If you are unsure whether this type of healing would benefit you, please contact me at and I will intuitively advise you. I have a strong work ethic and would never offer healing to anyone if it was not needed for their highest good. Alternative types of healing may be offered instead. 

Jan has been a real help the last few months .. The centre she works from is in a beautiful location to .. Really uplifted me..Next year I plan to do a few of her courses.. Jan makes you feel relaxed , I would recommend anyone to visit her for healing ..


I have had many reiki and crystal therapy treatments with Jan. That they were so awesome and helped me loads within my life that I even did Jan’s crystal therapy course. I learnt so much from the course and I can say I am totally addicted to crystals. I do my own practice with them as well as still having treatments with Jan. I can’t thank you enough for your help Jan and your teaching is so simple and easy to follow. Absolutely comes highly recommended.


Distance Reiki Session


Distance crystal healing is just as powerful as ‘in person’ crystal healing and all you need to do to receive it is to send me a recent photo. I will do the rest and then email you a detailed report of my findings of any imbalances in your chakras and auric field together with any merdians or web layouts used. 

I will send your crystal healing to you via distance to clear any blocks in your aura and chakras and meridians if needed and through a crystal web throughout a guided period of time (usually a few days)

Depending on availability, healing will be done within 3-5 working days of booking and you don’t even need to be available for a specific time. 

I also provide aftercare email support and will keep you informed of web progress.

Please click on a button below to book a distant Reiki session. I will contact you via email to sort out available times. Alternatively, you can email me on

1 x Crystal Therapy Session

Only £55

Just click on the button below to book your place and I will do the rest.

3 x Crystal Therapy Sessions


Only £165

Just click on the button below to book and I will do the rest

3 x Crystal Therapy Sessions


3 x Monthly Payments of £55

Just click on the button below to book and I will do the rest

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